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Congratulations. You have arrived.

Welcome to my website. I am Satanas Alley.

Satanism has been widely misconstrued by all sides. I am here to set the record straight.

You have seen strife, disasters, mass shootings and decreased church attendance for a reason. The end of the world that was is here...

it is time to face the future.

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The Christ Insane Lie

They knew not what they did.

For thousands of years, countless christians failed to read the text that defines their source of power. They created a method of a false positive by way of brute force, terror, attack patterns and other battle-esque mechanisms to perpetuate some sort of goodness methodology.

That sword that they mindlessly lived by is the same sword they have fallen upon while my Nexion stood tall. I am so proud of my team.

Becoming a pre-adept.

You are not made into a Satanist. You are born of the faith. Do not test the waters.